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Tandem Sky Diving

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Your groom is about to jump head first into the biggest adventure of his life, why not give him some practice on your big stag weekend in Bucharest with an adrenalin pumping Tandem Sky Diving day activity. This will set your heart races pumping more than the most tantalizing lap dance, and nothing screams stag bro-mance bonding like throwing yourselves out of a plane together. Make it a stag do to remember.

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • Rountrip transportation to/from accommodation
  • An instructor and all gear provided
  • 30 minute briefing before a 3000 metre jump
  • 30 seconds of freefall befor instructor opens the parachute
  • A beer per person after the jump
  • Option to get your jump on tape
From £153 / €174 per person

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