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Stag Arrest with Bar Crawl

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Picture this. Your mates will think they are on just a normal bar crawl in Bucharest Old Town when they are approached by a plain clothed officer who insists the stag has been the subject of wrong doing and therefore ‘arrests’ the stag. The rest of group will be led by our stunning guide to a private room of a strip club and wait for the arrested fellow to be brought in for ‘questioning’.
The stag will be then sat centrally with all his mates around, and once blindfold removed to his surprise will find a stripper twerking right in his face and show starts!
Our guide will get the group in the mood for this prank with a round of beer during the crawl and also open bar in the strip club is provided.

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide for approximately 3 hours
  • Mini Bar Crawl including 2 to 3 bars
  • A round of beer for the group from the first bar
  • Arrest by plain clothed ‘policeman’ during the crawl
  • Handcuffs and blindfold used on the stag
  • Group will be led to private room of a strip club where entry is provided and open bar for entire evening
  • Stag will be brought in blindfolded and sat in the centre. To his surprise when the blindfold is removed he will have a sexy strip show in front of his mates
  • Minimum 10 person requirement
From £37 / €42 per person

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