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Top Daring Activities to Try on Your Stag Do

The ‘classic’ Stag Do formula is undergoing a contemporary evolution. No longer is this milestone event just a simple celebration of your best mate’s upcoming nuptials, or a great excuse for a piss-up down the local pub. No, nowadays, it is so much more. It’s the ideal chance to head off on a lads-only trip of a lifetime, to try things you’ve never done before, get a bit wild, weird, mad and extreme and release those inner daredevils! So, in the spirit of daring, here at Eventhuse, we have listed five of our favourite activities for stag groups looking to get their adrenalin pumped and their hearts racing. Sling Shot, Ayia Napa, Cyprus In Ayia Napa, there’s an activity that is even more daring than chatting up that tipsy Hen group in matching feather boas and pink hot-pants. Don’t believe us? Try the Sling Shot. This exhilarating ride will see you strapped into a metal cage and then launched high in the sky catapult style. You’ll leave the town far, far below, before bouncing like a bungee jumper, for a nail-biting minute until your ballistic momentum slows down. We know you’ll probably be too busy screaming like little boys, but if you can, try and catch a glimpse of the amazing views of the coastline and the city below.

  Sky Diving, Bucharest For stag groups who really mean business and want to make their big stag weekend in Bucharest extra epic and memorable, spend a day pushing your daring and adrenalin to the next level on a group sky dive. This is definitely not one for the faint-hearted and in fact, only the really daring and adventurous have what it takes to jump out of a plane. So, show us what you lads are really made of and enjoy a team-building, group-bonding activity that will leave you exhilarated, energised and well deserving of a congratulatory post-jump pint. Dog Attack, Krakow For those who think they’re real tough guys, this activity will really put their claims to the test and see what happens when they’re up against an angry predator. You and the group will head out to a park just outside Krakow, get your boy all dressed up in protective clothing and then send him out into the wilderness to get chased by a pack of (trained) angry attack dogs, teeth baring and ready to pounce. His humiliation as you re-live the experience over pints later will be priceless. River Rafting, Prague River rafting is more than just a great activity out in nature. Its also a hardcore test of your endurance, strength, ability and daring as a team, rather than as individuals. This one needs the whole group to work together in order to succeed and you know what they say, you’re only as daring as the least daring man in your raft! Ok they don’t actually say that, but for stags looking for a great fun and highly white-knuckle inducing day in the great outdoors around Prague, this one is for you. Bridge Swinging, Bratislava Think bungee jumping, just with a bridge and swinging instead of bouncing. Confused? Its simple, we’ll send you to an amazing bridge high above the River Danube in Bratislava, where you get strapped up to the safety harness and jump over the edge, free falling towards the water before the ropes slow you down and send you into a pendulum style swinging motion from one side of the bridge to the other. The daring part is actually jumping of the bridge, once you’re swinging above the water it can actually be quiet relaxing – but have you got the balls to get there?

We know that putting your daring to the test on your stag do abroad isn’t for everyone, which is why Eventhuse has a huge portfolio of alternative activities to suit your every want and need. Pop into our main website and see for yourselves.

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