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Top 6 Stag Do Activities on Wheels

A stag do abroad is the perfect opportunity to experience something new. You and the lads might try your hand at white water rafting? Or perhaps learning how to brew your own craft beer is more your thing? But maybe, for the speed demons and freewheelers amongst you, getting behind a wheel is what really turns you on.
And if so, you’re in luck, because what follows is our line-up of some of the very best stag activities on wheels, that are guaranteed to have you unleashing your inner boy-racers in no time.

Quad Biking

Destinations Activity is Available: SofiaKrakowRiga and Bratislava

Quad biking is a classic stag activity that is always a winner. What’s not to love about you all heading out on monster bikes to explore the areas around Sofia, Riga, Bratislava or Krakow.
Not only will the ride itself be an exhilarating experience, you’ll also get to see some authentic local areas off the tourist trodden track. Plus, a bit of playful banter on the bikes as you race to get to the front of the group never heard anyone.

Go Karting

Outdoor Go Karting.jpg


Destinations Activity is Available: All Destinations

The ultimate stag do activity – Go Karting is where you can all act like boys again. And competitive boys at that. What’s a stag do without a bit of healthy competition anyway?
But rivalry aside, go karting is also just plain fun. You get to speed around the track without a care in the world. Taking the corners by the skin of your teeth. Bumping each other out of first place. And avoiding the tyres around the edges at all costs! Racing each other for the best timing is just an added bonus!

Off road Driving

krakow-offroad-01 (2).JPG


Destinations Activity is Available: Bucharest and Krakow

Want to see your mates eat your dirt? Try off road driving in Bucharest or Krakow. Speed around like real live rally drivers in a series of pimped up offroad cars and 4x4s that will have you reliving your boyhood dreams in a jiffy!
This activity takes more than just speed though. It takes skill, precision and balls of steel. Do you lads have what it takes? You’ll just have to come to Bucharest or Krakow for your stag do and find out!

Monster Trucks

Monster Truck


Destinations Activity is Available: Vilnius

Are you boys? Or are you real men? Because these hardcore monster trucks in Vilnius need some serious handling.
This is a real once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that’s what its all about isn’t it fellas. The modified monster trucks are beasts, with gargantuan wheels and crazy suspension. Just imagine what you could do behind the wheel of such a giant destruction machine!

Mad Motors

Mad Motors


Destinations Activity is Available: Vilnius

They may not be the sexiest of wheels, but the mad motors we have lined up for you on this stag activity in Vilnius will blow your mind regardless. Think bulldozers and tractors galore. Now think about you lads behind the wheel trying your hand on the custom-made, construction site obstacle course. You’ll have to dig holes, crush things and generally show us what you’re really made of.
Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

Beer Bike

beer bike.jpg


Destinations Activity is Available: BudapestBucharestBratislavaVilnius and Riga

For a more leisurely paced stag activity on wheels, take a turn around some of our European destinations from the seat of a beer bike. This is sight-seeing as its most stag friendly, with a multi-person bicycle created just to serve you beer as you ride through the city. We offer this epic activity in Budapest, Bucharest, Riga, Vilnius and Bratislava.
And we’re such big fans of the beer bike that the founder of Eventhuse even booked it for his own stag! Can’t vouch for it more than that!


And there is more where this list came from. We’ve also got armored car riding in Bratislava and tank riding in Prague – and if destroying cars sounds fun, then you can do that too.
Just head into our website and check out our curated selection of amazing stag activities for your big weekend aboard.

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