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The Big…stag don’ts

We all know that stag parties have a tendency to get a little, how shall we say this, out of control. More often than not it’s just a bit of harmless fun when the party gets a bit raucous, but sometimes things spiral out of control or somebody makes a stupid choice and suddenly your dream party has turned into a nightmare. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts so your party avoids being remembered for all the wrong reasons. Be warned, some of these get a little dark.


Make sure you all know your flight timetable. Nominate someone to make sure you’re all up and at the airport on time for your flight home. Better yet, book an airport transfer through your event organizer so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight. Yours truly once thought he had six hours to kill in Athens before making his connecting flight to the U.K. I got to see the Parthenon, but it definitely was not worth the extra 600 pounds I had to shell out to get home.

Joke is on You

Here’s a pro tip: don’t say the words ‘bomb’, ‘gun’, or ‘fire’, even in jest, in an airport. Any airport. Ever. Nobody has a sense of humor in an airport or on an airplane. When you’re travelling, be good. Or it will end badly for you. This includes pranks in an airport or on an airplane as well as drinking heavily on the flight. There are way too many horror stories involving stag parties on planes being thrown off their flight or arrested because they can’t wait for the party to start. Seriously, be smarter than that.

Hairless in Hanoi

This story would be funny if it weren’t, well, not funny. I guess it’s kind of dark funny. The brilliant idea began as a harmless prank whereby the group took the groom-to-be to a beauty salon for a “sack, back, and crack” waxing. Only thing is, he had an allergic reaction to the wax and spent his wedding night hairless, in a tremendous amount of pain from festering in-grown hairs, and, presumably, friendless from that moment on. Think your pranks through before playing them on the VIP. And find out if anyone has any allergies!

Keep it Safe

Hey, no judgement from us, but keep the sex safe. No matter how drunk, make sure your boy isn’t riding bareback or else he might be bringing more than a souvenir back from his trip abroad.

Nominate a Hero

So there’s a story out there that goes a little something like this: a group of guys got the VIP drunk, tied him to a pole with very little clothing on, and left him. Hilarious…except the groom-to-be died of alcohol poisoning – alone. So perhaps it would be best to nominate one person out of the group each night as the designated non-drinker to keep things in check, and you know, keep everyone alive.

Taking a Bath

When you’re partying in a foreign country it’s best to remember to stay within the law. Some guy I knew not a million miles from here was arrested for being caught skinny-dipping in a fountain in Rome. Luckily for me, I mean, my friend got off with only a hefty fine instead of getting to know the inside of an Italian jail cell. He was young and dumb and with the help of copious amounts of alcohol, forgot that there’s a thing known as basic decency. Again, perhaps it’s best if the group keeps a hero on hand to make sure the night doesn’t end on a downer.

So while we’re not trying to scare you, we are providing you with a few cautionary tales of the types of mishaps that can occur on a stag party. If you are worried that your own party weekend abroad could end up in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons, it’s best to get some expert guidance. Your friendly expert event organizers at Eventhuse are always on hand to help plan the perfect, trouble-free stag weekend abroad.

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