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Stag Weekend Abroad? Do Not Miss Out On…

We’ve looked at which stag destinations are best for beer lovers, and we’ve recommended which activities you shouldn’t be missing out on in each location. But we’ve never listed our favourite European stag stop offs.

Amsterdam – The Coffee Shops
You’ve all heard about Amsterdam’s infamous Coffee Shops, so we almost don’t need to write about them here, but suffice to say that a trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without one hazy trip to one of these liberal cafes.

Amsterdam - Coffee Shop

Just make sure you keep an eye on each other and one person “drinks more coffee” than they can handle. You wouldn’t want someone to get lost in the Red Light district now would you!

Ayia Napa – Take a tour along Clubbing Strip
While it may have some of the best beaches in Europe and the scantily clad women do have significant pulling power for any red-blooded stag group, it’s the clubbing strip that really serves as the most appealing landmark for stag groups looking for a sun fused summer stag do.
The strip is backed from top to bottom with packed out clubs, bars and pubs offering free shots, pole dancers, sexy bar games and more. In fact, there are so many great clubs and bars in Ayia Napa that no stag group we’ve ever had, has been able to visit all of them on one holiday – but we dare you to try!

Berlin – The Wall
It’s quite probably one of the most photographed walls in Europe and a stag trip to Berlin would be incomplete without a visit to see the wall that divided the city during the war. Today Berlin Wall is adorned with colourful street art that carries political messages, and visions of peace and hope.
This cultural landmark is also a great place to get to grips with the cities turbulent history, and its location in hip and quirky East Berlin, means it’s a great place to stop before hitting the funky bars in the area.

Bucharest – The World’s Biggest Parliament Building
This is a landmark that stands out not only as the biggest building in the city, but also the biggest parliament building in the world. You don’t have to go inside to soak up some of its elaborate and ornate glory, going for a stroll around the outside of the building is enough to understand the magnitude of its size and over bearing presence.

Bucharest Parliament by Day

An icon to megalomaniacal governments everywhere, Bucharest’s parliament building is a landmark that shouldn’t be missed while on a stag trip in the Romanian capital.

Budapest – The Fisherman’s Bastion
Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest is located high up on Castle hill overlooking the banks of Buda with the rooftops of Pest in the distance. Not only is it an amazing spot for some of the best panoramas in town, the spot is also architecturally beautiful in its own right.
Stop for a drink in a nearby bar or feast in a restaurant to really savour the vistas and quench your thirst at the same time.

Dublin – Take a stop at the Temple Bar
They say that Dublin is most famous for its epic pubs and no where can you find more cool bars and pubs in the Irish capital, then down in Temple Bar. The little warren of cobbled streets offers up an excellent insight into the city and the atmosphere is always vibrant and jolly at any time of day so you can be excused for drinking pints of Guinness before 12.

Dublin - Temple Bar

Make sure you take the time to chat with the super friendly locals and if you manage to catch a live jamming session make sure you stick around till the locals start dancing on tables and singing along to the lyrics of famous Irish ballads.

Krakow – Visit Historic Auschwitz
Ok so we know this landmark has a dark and tragic history, but today Auschwitz makes for a fascinating and deeply moving look into the past of a country that suffered heavily at the hands of war. Visiting the famous concentration camp is a great cultural experience for any stag do and it doesn’t all have to be too serious.
Follow your visit with a couple of pints down the local pub to re calibrate and get yourself ready for the rest that the amazing Krakow has to offer.

Prague – Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge is simply stunning.  Constructed in 1357 by King Charles IV, the historic landmark has become something of an emblem for the city. Come rain, wind or snow, Charles Bridge still looks fabulous and is the perfect place to get some cheesy stag selfies in, to prove you did some culture while in the Czech capital.
The views of the city from the bridge itself are also well worth investigating and standing on the bridge looking out across the spires of the city is an inspiring sight indeed. Get it!


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