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Nine Classic Characters You’ll Encounter on a Stag Do

Whether you’ve done your rounds on the annual stag do calendar, or you’re a complete newbie with no experience of the wonderful world of the stag party, you’ll be able to relate to these classic characters who frequent most stag parties we’ve ever organised.
Here is our complete list of classic stag do characters.

1. The Annihilated Drunk

We all know that stag dos would be incomplete without the odd bit of boozing, but this fine fellow takes his drinking to a whole new level. He’ll probably be the first one to suggest stopping for a pint during your days out, and don’t be surprised to catch him in the airport pub before your early morning flight!
This guy may need looking after as, although he can usually handle his drinks, the excitement of a stag do and the uninhibited, always justifiable drinking that takes place may be too much for our over-zealous drinker.

2. The Social Media Addict

You see them out at bars with friends, all of them glued to their smartphones as if they weren’t surrounded by people to talk to. The social media addict is the guy who will hold the rest of the team up, just to get the perfect selfie to post to his Instagram with ten million hashtags. He’ll be the one snap-chatting his way through dinner and checking in at every new bar, pub or club you visit.
There is no solution to this anti-social phone magnet – apart from to confiscate his means of staying connected to his online fans.

3. The Sports-a-Holic

Regardless how action packed, fun and exciting your stag do itinerary is, this dude will always have the sports schedule in mind and will consistently beg the group to stop and watch whatever match at the local pub. Whether its football, rugby, the Olympics or the regional darts championship, the sports-a-holic, will always be more interested in what team is currently scoring which points and when the next match will be showing.
The best bet it to carry on with your plans and let him go off on his own.

4. The Stingy Scrooge

Whether he pulls the old “Oh darn, I forgot my wallet” trick, or he constantly does a disappearing act or legs it to the loo just before it’s his turn to buy a round, this charming chap’s unwillingness to dig into his pockets and splash the cash, can rub other stags up the wrong way. If you’re there with a group, you all need to chip in equal amounts otherwise other members of the stag party will start feeling anger or resentment.
We’ve seen this befor a countless amount of times. As an organiser it is always good to be prepared for any situation and we can recommend you to simply set a budget before you go to let everyone in on what the expected costs of the weekend will be. Otherwise you can do something more fun and what we consider to be unique and make sure everyone has a copy of a customised Stag Contract stating that buying rounds is imperative for every lad in attendance.

5. The Sleaze-Ball

Maybe he is newly single and ready to get back in the game; maybe he has an unsuspecting lady back home hoping the “what happens on tour, stays on tour” motto isn’t true; and maybe he just straight up can’t get enough of the ladies. Whichever one applies, this flirty fellow has one thing, and one thing only on his mind while you’re on your stag do abroad – getting tail.
Keep an eye on this one when you are our and about, the foreign ladies may not be too impressed with his forward advances and a nursing a mate’s black eye isn’t exactly an ideal way to spend an evening.

6. The Tee Total

Ok, ok, we respect your choices, but if you want to be a non-drinking member of any stag go, just please, please, don’t be self-righteous or boring about it. No one wants to have to leave a club early just because you are tired and you want to go home. And no one wants their own drunk and disorderly behaviour judged and frowned upon just because you’ve taken the decision to go booze free. That is all.

7. The Pokémon Trainer

If you’re wondering why there are suddenly hundreds of gormless zombies, wandering around your city staring aimlessly at their smartphones, it’s because they are playing Pokémon Go, the new app game that has taken the world by storm and turned over 2 billion people into anti-social losers overnight.
Pray you don’t have one of these Muppets on your stag do, because not only will they delay the group on their constant crusade to hunt fictional virtual reality creatures, there is also a good chance you’ll lose them down an alley or they’ll disappear while concentrating on their screens instead of following the group. Although maybe that’s a good thing!

8. The Mid-Life Crisis

We know that inviting your uncle, dad or boring middle aged brother sounds like a good idea initially – they’ll feel so included and chuffed – but take a moment to really consider whether this chap will make a positive and advantageous addition to the group. If your Mid-Life Crisis invitee is all about chatting up birds with embarrassingly old fashioned lines then you’re relatively safe, but if this guy can’t keep up with the pace, you may end up having to take him home early and prematurely ending your night. Not Good.

9. The All Round Hero

There is always one guy who saves the day, is consistently a total legend, and keeps the spirits of the group up even when everyone is dying of a hangover, breaks up fights, keeps the peace and generally keeps the whole gang alive and together.
Don’t be fooled – this guy isn’t just a really organised stiff, with one eye always on the clock and all the emergency numbers of the country you are in stored on his phone; no, this guys is also the one who will down the most shots without getting wasted, he’ll be you’re perfect wing man and he’ll keep everyone amused for all hours with his morale boosting jokes, pranks and stories.

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