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The Honour of being a Bridesmaid

It’s three in the morning and your phone rings. Startled into a semi-conscious state of half-wake, half-sleep you answer groggily. Deciphering the hysterical squeals coming from the other end of the phone, you realise two things:

1.    Your best friend has just got engaged
2.    She is asking you to be a bridesmaid.

How do you feel? Happy? Excited? Nervous? Worried? Whatever feelings go through your head after the proposal (the bridesmaid proposal obviously!) they are bound to be coupled with some level of honour. She chose you. Of all her various friends, relations, acquaintances and colleagues, your best friend reached in and hand-picked you to be by her side on one of the most important days of her life.

Still not convinced – Here are just some of the reasons why being a bridesmaid is a very special honour, and comes with some perks of its own.

You build a lifelong memory with the bride: She may have been your best friend at college, or your room mate at uni, but your friendship just got boosted up a notch. You’re not just going to be her right hand woman on the day; you’ll also be in all the group photos which will get passed down from generation to generation. One day she’ll be showing your picture to her grandchildren!

Your opinions count: In the run up to the wedding, she is going to need second opinions on everything from the colour of the invitations, to whether to go to Prague or Krakow for the hen do. Added bonus here is that, with you on the decision making board, you’re guaranteed to like the food and enjoy the music. If you are someone who likes responsibility and feels good about giving your two cents, then this is the job for you!

You get to help organise the hen do (need ideas?): This is it, her last moments of freedom, and they are in your hands. What will you do? Whether you decide to opt for sophisticated hen activities, sipping handmade cocktails and touring foreign cities, or you decide to get adventurous with quad bikes and paintball, the options are endless and choice is yours!

You get to help pick the wedding dress: Traditionally the bridesmaids will accompany the bride on her dress shopping mission. As the first set of eyes, you will also be asked to critique her selection. This is an enormous responsibility and one to be taken seriously. If her bum looks big and she asks, tell the truth! Make it fun by following the trip with a sophisticated wine tasting session or a lovely meal out.

You get to wear a (hopefully) gorgeous bridesmaid gown: If she asked for your opinion on her own dress, the chances are she’ll want your help in picking out dresses for the bridesmaids’ team. Having a say in this matter, means you’ll be less likely to have to walk down the aisle dressed as a pink cupcake or a lemon yellow blancmange. And if she doesn’t let you choose, you have those photos from the drunken pub crawl on the hen night as leverage!

You might get to select who you sit next to on the big day: With the honour comes great responsibility, such as helping out with the dreaded floor plan. Or is it…hang on, if your helping to arrange it then you don’t have to sit next to Steven, the boring accountant with the smelly breath and the wandering hands. Instead you can sit next to Charlie, the gorgeous artist with the seductive dark eyes and the great sense of humour! Coincidence… I don’t think so.

You get to make a toast at the wedding: It’s not really tradition for the bridesmaid to make a speech at the wedding, but hypothetically now, if you were to get a little tipsy on champagne at the reception and decided to stand up and make a toast to the beautiful bride and groom, your status as bridesmaid means you’d get away with it. You might even get a round of applause for your efforts!

You get first pick of the single men: Ok, Ok, so there may have been strippers or at least Butlers in the Buff at the Hen do, but the wedding itself is a veritable playing field for the single bridesmaid. After the bride you are pretty much the centre of attention, and with the professional hair and make up the eligible bachelors will be forming a queue!

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