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Hen Party Music Playlist

A great Hen Do always needs a soundtrack. A mixed-tape of all those iconic songs that you can listen to while you are abroad together, and will forever after serve as an amazing memory of an epic time spent.
Which songs we hear you ask. You know the songs; the ones that make you and all your girlfriends jump around, shaking your booties and screaming the lyrics out to one and other! And just in case you can’t think of a playlist yourself, the dedicated team over at Eventhuse have put together this classic list just for you.

Cyndi Lauper
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This one is a no-brainer. Practically every single girl in the world knows the worlds to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. And whether they want to admit it or not, this classic girly tune will have them singing and bobbing along no matter where in the world they are. Set the tune for your hen do with a tune that is guaranteed to make you all “just wanna have fun.”!


The Weather Girls
It’s Raining Men

No hen party play list would be complete without this girly anthem. You know that the minute those uplifting first cords come in, you’ll all be on your feet and ready to start mouthing those first lyrics. Alleluia to that we say!


Don’t Stop Me Now

It may start slow, but this epic tune soon picks up the pace and is sure to have you all screaming your heads off singing “cos, I’m having a good time, HAVING A GOOD TIME!”. Nothing picks up the group moral then the supersonic lyrics of this fun and positive song.


Gloria Gaynor
I Will Survive

Nothing screams girls power then this oldie but goodie! It’s the ultimate pick up for girl groups everyone and although the song is about the end of love rather than the beginning – you’ll all be singing the words at each other, dancing your little socks off and generally being the super cool, strong survivors that you are


Dancing Queen

This great anthem by ABBA is a great one to get you all in the mood for a night on the dancefloor. You’ll all be dancing queens after hearing this song blasting through the limousine speakers.



Like A Virgin

Have a little giggle behind your hands as you sing this song to the bride to be. She may be wearing white on her wedding day but you all know she might not be quite the virgin bride that the colour suggests!


Aretha Franklin & The Eurythmics
Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves

Ok, Ok so we know that this one doesn’t exactly scream out – “Find a man and marry him” but the girl power lyrics are guaranteed to put you all in a confident mood ready for an epic girls night out!


Single Ladies

We totally get the whole hen do concept is all about celebrating the future wedding of one of your best girls, but since we’ve got you all together you should really whack in a tune that celebrates all the single ladies amongst you!



Peter Andre
Mysterious Girl

Forget Peter Andre know, let’s all just flash back to a faraway time when he was splashing around on a paradise beach with the most sculpted six pack and ridiculous curtains. Don’t pretend you didn’t fancy him. Get nostalgic with this sexy little blast from the past.


Spice Girls

Talking of blasts from the past, this fun and lively little number is one that any girl of the 90’s getting married in the near future will remember. The Spice Girls were all about girl power and female friendships so remember to celebrate yours with an old-school singalong.


Fergie ft. Ludacris

On a big hen night out, you ladies should all feel as Glamorous as Fergie Ferg. Listen to this song in your limo on the way to the club so remind yourselves that you are all fierce gorgeous women!


Bonnie Tyler
Holding Out For A Hero

Another one for the single ladies in the crew (or just a reminder that the bride-to-be found her hero) this tune will always put you in a good mood and let’s face it, you all know the words!


Bruno Mars
Marry You

It’s become THE proposal anthem of the moment, with flash mobs dancing to it the world over, but at the end, it became popular for a reason and this sweet and happy little song will give you all in that wedding feeling!

Hen do playlists don’t only make limo rides and boat trips even more fun and personal, they also make great hen souvenir presents for all the girls to keep as memories forever.


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