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Budgeting made easy – the key costs involved in organising a stag do abroad

Stag dos abroad are meant to be fun, but often they can include dishing out a shit load of money, and without an essential spot of pre-stag do budgeting, that amount will only end up increasing.

It’s not that the money that goes into creating an epic stag do abroad isn’t worth it, it just requires a bit of planning to ensure that everyone in the group is on board. But to help you navigate your way around the cost of a stag weekend away from home, we’ve listed the main expenses involved and how to keep costs down to suit all budgets.

  • Plane Tickets: If you are travelling abroad for your stag do, the first thing you need to consider is the airfare. Booking in advance can often make tickets cheaper and setting a price alert on sites such as Skyscanner can mean you’ll be alerted when prices change, or cheap tickets come up. Also flying off season can often mean much more affordable tickets so consider flying outside of peak holiday times. Tickets to many popular European stag destinations such as Riga, Bucharest and Sofia are already great value so consider these emerging Eastern European destinations to keep the budget to a minimum.


  • Transfers and Transport: Once you have arrived at your chosen stag destination, you will need to think about how you boys are going to get around. When considering your budget, sometimes opting for pre-booked transfers is the cheaper and more efficient option, meaning you will all travel together in one vehicle, arrive at the same time and not have to worry about someone getting lost. Public transport can be cheap and cheerful for travelling within a city, but add up the price of the tickets and compare it to the price of pre-booked transport before you decide.


  • Accommodation: Choosing where to stay can be a key influencing factor in the stag do budget. The hotel star guide is there to help you decide how much you want to spend on your accommodation. But also consider renting an apartment instead of hotels rooms as a cheaper and more fun option. All of you lads under one roof! Imagine the mayhem!


  • Activities: And now for the fun part. If you are going to make the effort to travel abroad for your stag do, you might as well splash out on some fun activities to do while you are there. One great way to keep the costs down when planning your activities is to enlist the help of a party planner like Eventhuse who can get you the best available prices.


  • Food: Food is an easy one. If you are on a budget you can consider hitting a supermarket and stocking up on snacks for breakfast and lunch on the go or in the apartment. Keep an eye out for the more local looking eateries which are usually far cheaper then the touristy options, and when in doubt, look for those golden arches where a burger and fries won’t cost you more than a few Euros.


  • Drinks: When it comes to drinks you don’t want to be budgeting too hard as that takes all the fun out of it, however there are always some cheeky cost-cutting options for those looking to save on the pennies. Buy some booze at a supermarket and do some pre-drinking at home, or opt for the cheaper bevvies like a local beer as opposed to a fancy cocktail. You are on a stag do abroad – chances are the beer is top notch anyway!

So, with your newfound budgeting skills, now is the perfect time to start checking out your options. Here at Eventhuse we can help you with activities, accommodation, transfers and even food and drink, all at prices to suit any budget. Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

With the Original Stag Experts extensive experience, local know-how and precision party planning, your stag do is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Build your custom stag do online selecting from over 400 Activities across 9 European Destinations and sit back whilst we take care of all the strenuous details.

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