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Best Destinations to visit during the Winter for a Stag do

Stag dos are not limited to the sunny summer season; they are year round events that can be held in destinations around the world. But when it comes to choosing where you want to hold your last nights of freedom, it’s important to take into consideration what the weather and seasonality of a location is. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help with this list of top destinations for a winter stag do.


Let’s face it; Prague is pretty much the perfect stag destination year round. But when it comes to crowds of tourists and other stag groups competing for the attention of the beautiful Czech girls, winter is the less populated season of the year. There are loads of great activities available and added benefits include warming up in traditional pubs and letting the Czech booze work its magic from the inside out.


Amsterdam is a great indoor destination, with loads of great stag activities that can be enjoyed without worrying about the chilly weather outside. Whether its museums and art galleries you are interested in, or settling in at one of the many strip clubs in the red light district, you’ll find plenty of indoor persuits that will stimulate the whole group.


Krakow is the ultimate winter destination with Christmassy markets, liquor tasting experiences and indoor adrenalin rushes. While Krakow itself does get pretty cold in the winter months, the transport systems are great, there are more bars per head to warm up in than any other city in the world, and did we mention the hot Polish girls just waiting to warm you up.

Krakow Stag Party


The capital city of Estonia has had a lot of publicity recently for its stag potential. And if you love guzzling cheap beer, noshing on copious amounts of home cooked meat, this is the place for you. The city is small and unassuming, perfect for a group with limited time, and although you’d think being descended upon by gangs of drunken grown men in silly outfits might put the locals off, they are surprisingly friendly and welcoming – especially the women.


Sophisticated stag groups, this is the one for you. Budapest is a culture vultures dream destination. Not only is the sight-seeing an absolute must, but the added benefit of going in the winter months means that your photos will have a naturally magical wintery filter. Too cold to walk? Don’t fret you can tour the city by coach and there are loads of other fun activities such as brewery tours and Escape the Room that are perfect for stags looking to escape the outdoors.

Budapest Stag Do


Like Prague, Barcelona is a destination that gets uncomfortably crammed in the summer months, so much so that most of the locals leave to avoid the crowds. However, lucky for you winter stags, this is the perfect opportunity to go and enjoy the delicious foods, cured meats, cheeses and fine wines of the region in peace. Did we mention that its Spain, so the cold doesn’t creep into every crevice and you can enjoy some winter sun without the factor 50?


Ah Bucharest, how we love you. A destination with everything to offer, all year round, Bucharest really is the star of the winter stag do offerings. The destination has tonnes of great bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants to check out and Bucharest also has a top selection of indoor activities from bubble football to indoor paintball and go karting to enjoy.

Bucharest Stag Do


A great spot for outdoor activities that don’t necessarily need sunshine and hot weather to be enjoyed, the Slovakian capital of Bratislava is great for hiking and cycling in the mountains and nature outside the city. Feeling like staying indoors and out of the cold, the city is also a top destination for great local wine and beer.

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