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7 Ways of How Not to Propose

Proposing to your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is a pretty epic in itself, and the chances are that if he or she loves you, the answer will be yes regardless of how you do it. But in this day and age, with unique proposals uploaded on YouTube every day, the pressure is on to make your proposal as memorable, romantic and special as you possibly can.
And let’s face it, you want a good story to tell the grandchildren at the end of the day don’t you. But while there are so many ways a proposal can go right, there are just as many ways it can go wrong. To keep you on the right track, here are seven ways not to propose to your loved one.

  1. The Drunken Proposal: Things can seem like a really great idea when you are drunk and most of the time you wind up regretting it the next morning. Don’t be an idiot and propose in the midst of a drunken delusion, because there is a high chance you either didn’t really mean it, didn’t think it through, or won’t remember it in the morning.
    Make your proposal count and get drunk after they’ve said yes!
  2. The Mid-Sex Proposal: Just like the drunken proposal, asking someone to marry you in the midst of a lustful frenzy, might not be the right moment to get a proper answer.
    We are well aware that the bedroom can be the location of some of your most intimate and romantic times together, but again – pop the question and THEN get down and dirty in the bedroom to celebrate that YES!
  3. The Telephone Proposal: Yes, you read that right, and yes, some people actually have the lack or romance and creativity to propose to their partner over the telephone.
    Don’t be lazy dude, do it face to face or not at all. At least that way you get to benefit from all the warm fuzzy feeling together straight afterwards and no one is going to call you out for doing it in the lamest way possible.
  4. The Copy Cat Proposal: There is lots of inspiration out there on the world wide web, but blatantly copying someone else’s unique idea is not at all creative or romantic.
    It will also not seem as authentic because its someone else’s story – do something that suits you exclusively as a couple instead of becoming a total cliché.
  5. The Office Proposal: No one, yes that’s right, NO ONE, wants to be proposed to in their office, full of co-workers that they potentially don’t like, in an atmosphere usually associated with work, stress and unhappiness. Avoid the awkwardness and if really you want to do it in front of people, choose the people that she loves like her friends or her family.
  6. The Overly Complicated Proposal: It can be cool and quirky to propose with a puzzle that she has to solve or hatching an elaborate plan that she might not understand, but don’t get her confused and make her frustrated cos that will just kill the buzz and when she eventually does realise what’s going on the moment will be gone and the spark of romance fizzled out.
  7. The Empty Handed Proposal: Although the whole concept of engagement rings was cooked up by jewellery companies, it’s never a good idea to show up totally empty handed to propose. Either buy a proper ring, or if your broke buy a token makeshift ring and then get her something else later on. If you are unconventional and she doesn’t need a ring – get her something else to show her that you really mean it.

There are countless other ways to screw up a perfectly good proposal, like dropping the ring, choking on your food, or catching her at a really inopportune moment, but we have full faith that you’ll do it right and once she’s said yes – you can start planning a stag do – the best bit about getting married!


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