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10 Weird Shots You Absolutely Need to Try

When it comes to stag and hen dos, regardless of whether you travel abroad or stay home and hit the local pubs, you are almost always guaranteed to be drinking booze. It’s basically a given. So instead of being boring and going for pints like everyone else, why not try these 10 weird and wonderful shots instead?

1. Cement Mixer: Combine Bailey’s and lime juice in a shot glass, knock it back and shake it up in your mouth until it forms a sickly cement-like consistency and then swallow, while trying hard not to gag.


2. Bakon Vodka: Launched in America (where else) in 2009, Bakon Vodka is, as the name suggests, a premium bacon flavoured vodka that can be drunk in a long drink or as a shot.


3. The Mac and Cheese Shot: If you like the dish, you – like everyone else in the world – will hate this weird shot that combines the ingredients of the popular American dish – macaroni, milk, Velveeta and cheese – with rum. Down in one boys and girls.


4. Alligator Sperm: The name alone is enough to make you feel a bit sick, but it’s the consistency that is really special with this shot. Made of melon liqueur, pineapple juice and topped with fresh cream, Alligator Sperm curdles in your mouth making it feel a bit like swallowing a fresh load of…. You get the point!


5. Smoker’s Cough: This mixture of Jägermeister with a generous dollop of Mayonnaise is enough to make anyone gag as it is, but with a name that all too vividly describes the shot, you’ll be retching before you even drink it.


6. Tapeworm Shot: Another delicious shot using a squeeze of mayonnaise is the revolting sounding Tapeworm Shot which combines mayo with Vodka and Tabasco Sauce to make the drink look like it has a tapeworm floating in the top – yum!


7. Prairie Oyster: Whoever thought of mixing bourbon, Tabasco sauce and raw egg into a drink, really needs their head checked, but people all over the world are downing this delicacy in one, and if you want weird – this is a good place to start.


8. Bloody Tampon: The weirdest thing about this shot is its name, the rest is relatively palatable. One portion of tomato juice combined with two parts of vodka makes the shot look bloody. The rest is all in your mind.


9. Infected Whitebread: Why anyone would ever think it would be a good idea to mix vodka and Bloody Mary Mix with a spoonful of cottage cheese is beyond us, but this chunky shot of vomit inducing alcohol and creamy cheese is about as weird and wonderful as it gets.


10. The Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb: We saved the best for last – are you ready for it… Mix one McDonald’s Big Mac, one McDonald’s large fries, one McDonald’s tangy BBQ sauce, one McDonald’s milk shake and one McDonald’s apple pie with vodka in a blender and you have a shot named after the North Korean dictator. WHY?!


So now you have the recipes for some of the world’s weirdest shot cocktails, it’s time to get out there and start organising your stag or hen do. Head to the Eventhuse website and let us do the hard work, so that you don’t have to!


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