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Bratislava Stag Do Weekend

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House Running

From £60 / €68 per person

White Water Rafting

From £48 / €54 per person

Quad Biking Competition

From £51 / €58 per person

Action Tower Jump

From £84 / €95 per person

Armoured Car Ride

From £60 / €68 per person

Bridge Swinging

From £27 / €31 per person

Beer Bike with 30 Litres Beer

From £48 / €54 per person


From £48 / €55 per person

Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

From £21 / €24 per person

Five a side Football

From £23 / €26 per person


From £29 / €33 per person


From £46 / €52 per person

Bubble Football (indoor/outdoor)

From £37 / €42 per person

Arrow Tag

From £46 / €52 per person

Daily Spa Wellness

From £23 / €26 per person

Thai Massage with Sauna

From £43 / €49 per person


From £42 / €48 per person

High Ropes Adventure

From £30 / €34 per person

Indoor Go Karting BUDGET

From £41 / €47 per person

Indoor Go Karting

From £49 / €56 per person


From £39 / €44 per person

Laser Tag

From £34 / €39 per person

Paintball – 100 balls

From £32 / €36 per person

Paintball Indoor – 200 balls

From £42 / €48 per person

Clay Pigeon Shooting

From £47 / €53 per person

Shooting – 40 Bullets

From £65 / €74 per person

Bunker Shooting Experience – 41 Bullets

From £54 / €61 per person

Shooting with 45 Bullets – The Upgrade

From £70 / €79 per person

AK 47 Shooting

From £57 / €65 per person

Shooting with 55 Bullets – Heavy Guns

From £82 / €93 per person

Horror Adventure (Hostel Escape Room)

From £45 / €51 per person

Stag Weekend Movie

From £29 / €33 per person

Booze Night with 1 beer

From £14 / €16 per person

Booze Night with 5 beers

From £22 / €25 per person

Booze Night – Ice Bar VODKA shots

From £25 / €28 per person

Casino Night

From £8 / €9 per person

Lap Dance Club Entrance

From £11 / €13 per person

Lap Dance Club with Stage Show for Stag

From £28 / €32 per person

Nightclub Entrance

From £8 / €9 per person

Nightclub Entrance VIP -Tables & Bottles

From £21 / €24 per person

Body Eating – Naked Sushi Dessert

From £23 / €26 per person

Dinner – Burger & Strip

From £32 / €36 per person

Dinner – Steak & Strip

From £34 / €39 per person

Dinner – Steak & Lesbo Show

From £47 / €53 per person

Dinner – Medieval Banquet

From £33 / €38 per person

Hot Body Shots

From £26 / €29 per person

Mud Wrestling in Bikinis

From £41 / €47 per person

Mud Wrestling Naked

From £54 / €61 per person

Female Stripper

From £14 / €16 per person

Strip – Wake Up

From £14 / €16 per person

Strip – Dominatrix

From £28 / €32 per person

Roundtrip Airport Transfer

From £19 / €22 per person

Night Limo Cruise with Club Entry

From £37 / €42 per person

Hostel Accommodation

From £19 / €22 per person


From £31 / €35 per person

3 Star Hotel

From £33 / €37 per person

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Bratislava Stag Do Reviews

Your Stag do in Bratislava

All you need to know

Bratislava has long been established as a stag tourism mecca but of late it is experiencing something of a come-back on the stag do scene as a less crowded option than some of the other eastern European capitals. The city is culturally rich, with plenty of history and tradition to explore and uncover and once the sun sets, the Slovakian capital buzzes with a diverse nightlife scene to suit any taste. Like hanging out drinking excellent beer in traditional old pubs – Bratislava can deliver the goods, and equally has plenty to offer the more hard-core party animals, with a wealth of exclusive clubs and party venues. Bratislava is ready for you – are you ready for Bratislava

Key Facts

Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official Language: Slovak
Dialling Code: +421
Emergency Number: 150 – fire and rescue; 155 – emergency medical service; 158 – police.
Population: 427,000


 Top Things to Do

  1. Explore the Old Town: Bratislava’s charming cobbled Old Town is well worth spending part of your day, if not a full day walking around. Don’t worry stags, the area is chock full of awesome bars, pubs and restaurants, but for the culture vulture, the area is also host to many traditional old buildings, churches, monuments and museums.
  2. Visit Bratislava Castle: A trip to the Slovakian capital simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the iconic Bratislava Castle. You’ll see the huge white building in almost any photograph of the city, so go with the group and get your own stag photos to remember the trip forever.
  3. Walk or cycle along the Danube: The river Danube flows through the centre of Bratislava and with a well-maintained walking and cycling path, it is makes for a great spot for an afternoon or morning stroll. You can see the impressive city sights from the banks of the river and get a bit of exercise in while you are at it.
  4. Cross the UFO Bridge: As the world 7th longest suspensions bridge the UFO bridge in central Bratislava is already a unique city landmark but add to that an interestingly shaped observation deck over 95 meters above the ground, with glass windows offering amazing panoramic views of the entire area. Stop of for a beer or a bite to eat to make the trup even more worth your while.
  5. Hit the corner of Židovská and Beblavého streets: This is where some of the best bars in town can be found, including Elektricka, owned by a famous Slovakian actor, or Vydrica and  U čerta two other popular local watering holes in the area.
  6. Go multi-culti at KC Dunaj:  This multi-cultural meeting point, has an amazing line up of live shows, club nights, art exhibitions, theatre shows, social events and theme nights. Whatever you and your stag group are into, whether its Swing Time and Retro parties or grunge nights and all-night raves, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy at this vibrant little hotspot – and if nothing else, just come to enjoy the wicked views of Bratislava castle
  7. Explore the sick club scene: Bratislava has clubs to suit every music taste, every style and every budget. If you are into alternative clubbing try Subclub – this iconic spot is located in an old army shelter under the castle rock, and plays techno, drum `n` bass, indie, ska or reggae. For more exclusivity try the prestigious The Club inside of the building of Park Inn Danube Hotel or the sylish Trafo Music Bar.

 Top Stag Activities in Bratislava

  1. Bridge Swinging: Imagine bungee jumping, but instead of the bouncing back after the fall, you swing in a pendulum motion that guarantees not only safety and comfort but a 25m free-fall adrenalin rush of a lifetime.
  2. Water Rafting: If there is one team building activity that will see you all work together to battle the rapids, its water rafting. You and your boys in a boat on the water, battling the frothy white rapids to come out the other side with epic stories to tell. What could be better than that!
  3. WWII Bunkers Shooting: This activity offers the perfect mix of history and culture, with fun and adrenalin – the ideal combo for stag do awesomeness! You and the lads will get to tour an authentic WWII military bunker, learning about the Slovakian role in the war, followed by a round of shooting with a real machine gun – you know what they say; Boys will be boys!

 What to Eat

Bratislavsky rozok – a sweet pastry snack that has a crescent shape; bryndzové halušky – sheep cheese gnocchi; Kapustnica – cabbage soup; Fried Fish; Potato salad; Žemľovka – a sweet pudding made from apples and white bread and Bábovka – Pound Cake

 What to Drink

Local Beers: Zlaty Bazant and Saris
Local Wines: Skovajsa Veltlínske Zelené; Janoušek Rizling Rýnsky; Juraj Zápražný Pinot Gris
Local Spirits: Slivovica distilled from plums; borovicka from juniper berries; jablkovica from apples; hruskovica from pears. Vinovice brandy distilled from grape wine and Tatratea.

 Public Transport

With the biggest public transport network in all of Slovakia, Bratislava is extremely easy to get around, even with a big group of rowdy lads on tour. Public transport in the capital is divided into two zones, covered by tras, trolleybuses and buses. The first zone lines cover downtown and most of the city and are most likely the ones you will use on your stag do in Bratislava. While buses do cover most of the city, it can often be more convenient and faster to take the tram downtown as they won’t get stuck in traffic. Stag groups can also get a Trolleybuses service to the area above the castle hill. Travelling at night? Night lines cover all parts of the city, but make sure you keep an eye on the timetable as they only run three times per night.


The weather in Bratislava is pretty mild all year round. Summers are warm and winters are chilly but the temperature and climate is rarely extreme. Located in the north temperate zone Bratislava has a marine west coast climate with no dry season, which means that you might want to pack an umbrella or some waterproof gear as heavy rain can be expected, especially in the winter. But don’t worry boys, Bratislava has four distinct seasons the city itself is e of the warmest and driest parts of Slovakia and if you head there in the late spring and summer, you will find pleasant warm weather and high temperatures. Autumn and spring come and go quite quickly but there is very rarely snow in the winter so visiting at any time of year can guarantee good stag times in the making.

 Useful Costs

Cost of a good meal in a restaurant: €15-20
Cost of a lunchtime snack: €5
Cost of a pint of beer: €1.50
Cost of a bottle of wine: €3-7
Cost of a tram or bus ride: €0.70-0.90
Cost of 3km Taxi ride: €6-7

 Did You Know?

  • Bratislava is the only capital in the world that has boarders with two other countries – namely Austria and Hungary.
  • Slovakia is in the top three countries that can boast the most beautiful women in the world and nowhere are these graceful creatures more plentiful then in the capital Bratislava.
  • World famous musicians Franz Liszt and Mozart both played in Bratislava before they became internationally known at the tender young age of under 10.
  • Bratislava was known by many names before it was given the title that it goes by today. Just some of these names include the German name (Pressburg), Hungarian (Pozsony), an older Slovakian name (Presporok), and the old Greek name Istropolis.
  • In Bratislava, you can have a lunch in a UFO on the UFO bridge, built inn the 70’s when UFO’s were all the rage!

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