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Best Man’s Journal

Being a Best Man is an honour and a responsibility. You are the right-hand man on the big day, you have to make a speech at the wedding and … best of …Read more
Being a best man is the ultimate bro honour. Your mate has picked you to stand by his side at the alter on the most important day of his life, as well …Read more
Times are a-changing, and as old-fashioned traditions are fade away, new contemporary alternatives are slipping in quickly to replace them. And that i …Read more
  Navigating your way around the dress code of a wedding is hard enough for any man, but actually having a say in what the groom and his team are …Read more
OK, so you’ve been asked to be the best man at your mate’s upcoming nuptials. As the buzz of the excitement wears off and the stress of your responsib …Read more
Embarrassing the groom on his stag do is always a good idea, especially if your boy has a good sense of humour. One fun way to really make him squirm …Read more
In every gentleman’s life, there comes a time when big decisions need to be made. What career path to follow? Where to live? Who to marry? And what ri …Read more
As the best man, one of the most important duties other than setting the dates for the stag party and picking out a destination is to choose who shoul …Read more
So, your best mate asked you to be his best man! Great news! After the initial honour and happiness has subsided, you are going to have to start takin …Read more
Warning: The following Easy-to-download Stag Contract is not technically legally binding, however, by signing on the dotted line at the bottom of this …Read more
In this day and age where gender stereotypes are increasingly shunned and traditions thrown to the wayside in favour of trailblazing ideas, innovation …Read more
A stag night is a perfect excuse to really go all out and party harder than is normally socially acceptable or appropriate. Whether you choose to go a …Read more
We all know stag dos can get pretty drunken and disorderly with the groom to be ending up either tied to a lamppost naked, or so paralytic that he can …Read more
Being asked to make a Best Mans speech at a wedding is one of the greatest honours anyone can bestow upon you. But now that you’ve said yes, it’s time …Read more
Stag dos used to be simple. The groom would be taken on a hefty night out with the lads, downing shots and pints in the local pub before hitting the s …Read more
The Stag Bro Code is a sacred contract made between all members of the stag party. Whether the rules are serious or funny or downright stupid it’s an …Read more
Giving a great wedding toast is an occasion laden with heavy responsibility for the best man. As often as it goes well, it can sometimes go very, very …Read more
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